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Divorce Advice for Mums

I am very aware of how painful and stressful the divorce process can be. This is an emotional time which can often result in complications to your everyday life. As a mum, your child’s wellbeing will be of top priority during this difficult time. As emotions run high, it is important to have some guidance when it comes to navigating the divorce process as a mother.

Your children should not be used as a weapon

During this difficult time your children’s wellbeing should be a priority for both you and your partner. Despite potentially feeling feelings of anger and hurt towards your ex, your children should not be used as a weapon or as a means to hurt your ex partner. Do not threaten to withdraw custody or withhold information about your childs’ lives from your partner. Ultimately this will not work in your favour and will instead create a tense and toxic relationship with your ex, who you will need to remain in contact with in order to share custody of your children (if this is what has been decided). The father of your children should only have restricted access if this is necessary for the safety and wellbeing of your children.

Speak with your solicitor about finances

During your marriage you may have been a stay at home mum, playing the important role of running the household and caring for your children. As you become a single parent you may be feeling anxious about finances and how you will be able to continue to support your children without a steady income. During the divorce process, your solicitor is there to help, particularly when it comes to financial concerns. They should be able to offer you guidance and support and work to achieve a result within the family court to ensure you are supported financially and compensated for the work you have put into the relationship and raising your family.

Take time when making big decisions

Despite this being an emotional time for all involved, big decisions need to be carefully considered, Do not feel coerced into reaching an agreement by your partner. You should think this through carefully with the help of your solicitor. If this decision regards the wellbeing of your children, always consider their needs first.

Mediation can help

When it comes to making arrangements with your ex partner, an independent mediator can help you find the middle ground. Improving your communication and avoiding verbal conflict.

Some of this advice may be difficult to take and if you are considering divorce, you may well have a lot of questions and uncertainties about the future. Contact me for advice and representations, and I will be happy to help you.

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