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International Divorce

Parties to a marriage will often have links to other countries. This might be by birth or in the country where they are presently residing.


Many families with an international connection find, at the time of relationship breakdown, that one or more country can deal with the financial aspects of their separation.


Often the financial outcomes accompanying the divorce can be dramatically different depending on which country the proceedings take place, It is very important to find out which is the best country for you.


There can often be much unfairness and injustice due to the wide disparity of financial orders made in different countries. There are specific rules relating to whether you can use the divorce courts in England & Wales usually relating to whether you are "domiciled" in England & Wales, or "habitually resident" or have sufficient connection to this country. This is known as “forum shopping”


It may well be prudent to ensure that a divorce petition is quickly and promptly issued in England & Wales, if this would give you the best possible financial outcome.


Where to Start


f there are two competing countries (jurisdictions) that can deal with your divorce, then it would be advisable to:

  • Decide what are the countries in which proceedings could be issued

  • Find out by taking advice in both countries, what the likely outcome would be in each one.

  • Arrange for a petition to be issued appropriately, often it can depend upon where the proceedings are started first.


How I can Help

I have hands-on experience of international divorce and can help if you are in this situation. If you are based outside the UK, I can correspond with you by email and I can arrange  interviews by phone, Skype, Facetime, Microsoft Teams or Zoom. If you wish to discuss matters, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me.

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