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Family Law Solicitor in Altrincham 

With my experience and knowledge of family law I am able to offer you bespoke and sensitive guidance to your relationship breakdown. With my own personal experience of divorce, my understanding of your situation is more personal, and I can therefore offer you the support you most need during this difficult time. Together we will aim to achieve the right outcome for you and your family. 

I have experience in dealing with an array of cases. With my expertise focused within complex financial situations, dealing with high-net-worth clients, and settlements where assets are more modest. I pride myself on being a source of support and guidance during this difficult time. Although this is a sensitive and emotional period for all involved, I will help you take the right steps to a new start, for a happier and healthier life.  


I offer expert advice and support for those who are considering or who have decided to take the step towards divorce proceedings
At present, it is necessary for a couple to have been married for a year before they can apply for a divorce.

for children

When a relationship breaks down, this can often involve difficulties concerning arrangements for any children. 


It is important that children are not caught up in parental conflict and I will ensure that any issues concerning arrangements for children are resolved with the least amount of stress for parents and children.


Dissolution of
Civil Partnership

In 2005 the law changed so that same-sex couples achieved similar rights, obligations and entitlements as to marriage by entering into a civil partnership.


The law further changed in 2014, to allow same-sex couples to marry and additional changes in December 2019 allowed heterosexual couples to enter into civil partnerships.

International Divorce

Parties to a marriage will often have links to other countries. This might be by birth or in the country where they are presently residing.


Many families with an international connection find at the time of relationship breakdown that one or more country can deal with the financial aspects of their separation.

Unmarried Couples and Cohabitation

There can be a misunderstanding that if parties have cohabited for a significant number of years then they are “common-law husband or wife”. 

The reality is that there is no such thing as a common-law spouse. You are either married or not – and the law is very different upon separation if you are not married.

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