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COVID-19 and the Rise in Divorce Filings across the UK

When lockdown was announced in the UK back in March 2020, couples were left to spend all of their working days, weekends, and evenings together. This is something that for years many busy families did not have time to do. Some couples had become so busy with work and other daily commitments that until it was time to spend 24/7 with their spouse, it was only apparent now that the marriage was no longer working. It is a distressing realisation to come to terms with and can have a huge impact upon family relations. However, divorce is sometimes the final and only solution. With the right guidance and legal advice from a family law or divorce solicitor, the process of filing for a divorce does not need to be so complex.

How the pandemic affected relationships

Although some people state the pandemic has brought them and their significant other closer, an equal proportion of people have had it affect their relationship in a negative way. Being in close proximity of one another everyday for all hours of the day and not having time apart, cost many people their marriages. Some Google data has shown just how much the pandemic has impacted our relationships with a drastic rise in searches for divorce solicitors.

The Google data comparison between December 2019 and December 2020 showed a rise in the following search terms:

• Filing for divorce

• Divorce lawyer near me

• I want to divorce

• Get divorce quick

• Divorce

• Divorce lawyer

Financial Concerns

Coupled with the financial worries and concerns the COVID-19 pandemic marriages have been thoroughly ‘put to the test’. More now than ever, if you are considering divorce proceedings and going through the family law courts, money will be a big concern. When filing for divorce, it is important you consider three financial aspects, of which all may have been affected by the pandemic:

• Income

• Capital

• Pension fund

In all circumstances where divorce has been decided upon, both parties involved must give full disclosure to all income, capital, and pension fund. If an agreement cannot be met through means such as mediations and through lawyers, an application to the family court is made. With my expertise and understanding of the court system I am able to guide you through these proceedings.

How I can help

As much as divorce creates uncertainty, it can provide a solution to the unhappy situation of a relationship breakdown within a family. As a family law solicitor my focus is on the best interests of your relationship, your financial concerns, and the wellbeing of any children involved. If you feel you have reached the point where you would like to go through the divorce proceedings, I can provide you legal advice and support. I can bring both my knowledge and experience to your individual case, understanding the situation and the stresses unique to the relationship breakdown. Please contact me via phone or email to schedule an initial consultation.

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